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High Rise Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning Equipment

High rise cleaning requires a lot of specialized equipment. This equipment includes ropes, powered platforms, ladders, aerial lifts, and water fed poles. There needs to be strict adherence to safety standards and the whole process should not be taken lightly. There needs to be proper knowledge and training of personnel to ensure safety.

Building managers have a responsibility to reduce the risk and minimize liability by finding a professional company, such as Ecoluxe, that is committed to the best practices.


High Rise Window Cleaning Risks

There are some risks associated with the job of cleaning high rise buildings so it’s important to hire a professional to do the job.

Risk of Falling or Injury: Risk is an inevitable part of the job. However, deaths are rare in the business due to the fact that workers are serious about personal safety. If accidents do happen, they usually don’t have a fatal end.

Weather: Working outdoors means there is no control of the weather and it can also affect the duration and completion of the window cleaning project. Cleaning the exterior of a high rise during windy weather can be a challenge. The rain can make the platform slippery. Strong winds not only slow down the project but can also affect the stability of the scaffolding and the suspended platform, which will increase the risk of accidents


How Often Are High Rise Windows Cleaned?

The frequency of high rise window cleaners will depend on what is inside the building, the type of business conducted inside, the environment that surrounds the building, and other factors. It will also depend on how many customers visit it and how many people work in the building. No matter what type of business is run, windows should be cleaned according to specific environmental circumstances and building structure specifics.

Place: The level of dirtiness at a high rise will depend on where the building is located. If it’s close to a busy street with traffic 24/7 then windows should be cleaned more often than a high rise situated on a quiet side street.

Climate: High rise windows suffer from the whims of weather and if the weather outside the building is rainy then the windows can get stains and smudges more often from the rain.

Landscape: The landscape of the commercial building will also be important. If the building is close to a parking lot then the windows need to be cleaned often because the car traffic makes windows dirty. If the building is close to a lot of trees then the windows can get dirty from branches or tree sap. 

Business Type: There are some business types that require more frequent window cleaning than others. Office buildings don’t require cleaning as much as other types of business and offices usually have cleaning just once or twice a year. Restaurants in high rises need windows cleaned more often since grimy windows don’t make a great impression. There is a lot of grease and air-born moisture that can accumulate on the surface if the windows aren’t cleaned regularly. Windows of medical facilities in high rises may need to be cleaned once a month since a well-cleaned appearance gives the patient a sense of security. Retail stores can get a lot of foot traffic and could need their windows cleaned often. 



Don’t DIY Building Facade Cleaning

There are many reasons you shouldn’t try to clean your building’s facade on your own. First, cleaning a commercial building’s exterior isn’t necessarily as simple as merely pointing a power washer at it and spraying the facade until it looks a little more vibrant. This equipment can, in fact, be dangerous in the wrong hands. If you don’t have the proper expertise, you might not realize that some areas of a building’s exterior aren’t designed to sustain that kind of pressure. You could easily damage them if you don’t know that. Additionally, improper use of power washing equipment can result in injury.

It’s also worth noting that thoroughly cleaning your building’s facade takes time. The time you spend on this task will naturally deprive you of time that could have been spent growing and managing your business.

It’s much smarter to hire EcoLuxe Texas for this job. We understand how to avoid damage and injury. We also use special detergents to remove grime and other contaminants in instances when pressure washing may not be the appropriate method. Most importantly, our technicians are very experienced, knowing how to provide more than just a basic cosmetic cleaning.



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We Clean Just About Anything!

From exterior building pressure washing to sidewalk pressure washing and even high-rise window cleaning, the pressure washing professionals at ECOLUXE TEXAS can clean almost anything! We are proud of our reputation we have earned over the years which proves that with ECOLUXE TEXAS you can always count on friendly service and amazing results that keep your property clean and shining like new!

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