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Owning a restaurant in DFW can be a very rewarding experience if you work hard and strive to please your customers every single day. The cities are home to millions of people. Plenty more also visit every day. That means the area offers strong restaurants the opportunity to serve far more people than they ever could in other parts of the state.

However, delicious food and quality service aren’t the only factors that contribute to the success of a restaurant. Your spot also needs to look impressive from the street. Along with keeping your building’s facade clean, you need to enure the exterior sidewalk areas are clean as well and that may include an outdoor patio for dining. Let's not forget your outdoor waste area! 

We at EcoLuxe Texas can help. Serving restaurants throughout North Texas, we’ll ensure your restaurant’s sidewalk areas remain clean, attractive, and compliant.

 Restaurant Sidewalk Cleaning: More Important Than Some Realize

Keeping your restaurant’s outside sidewalk and patio areas clean is essential for many reasons. Some of them may be fairly obvious. For example, you know that there are many other restaurants in the city. In any given neighborhood, people who want to go out to eat typically have numerous options from which to choose. Because of this, curb appeal plays a major role in their decisions. A restaurant whose exterior areas don’t look clean will make the wrong impression. A customer will instead choose to dine at a more attractive spot.

That said, boosting your restaurant’s curb appeal may not actually be the most important reason to maintain clean sidewalks. What may be more significant is the fact that the your city Health Code may actually requires restaurant owners to ensure their sidewalks are clean. This serves to protect guests.

Don’t put the future of your restaurant at risk by failing to clean your sidewalks. Hire EcoLuxe Texas to comply with all cleaning standards and impress your guests from the street.


Oil Stain Removal

They look bad and they degrade the surface of your sidewalks and concrete areas, making them a potential slip hazard. Our pressure washing team will completely remove them so you don't have to worry!


Garbage Mark Removal



Garbage sitting on concrete surfaces can lead to staining and discolorations. Our concrete cleaning experts know how to completely remove these marks and make your concrete bright and clean!


Gum Removal

Discarded chewing gum is a sticky eyesore! We can expertly remove all the black chewing gum however a shadow may be left due to the oil in the gum leaves an embedded stain in the concrete.



To get started request a free estimate today!

We Clean Just About Anything!

From exterior building pressure washing to sidewalk pressure washing and even high-rise window cleaning, the pressure washing professionals at ECOLUXE TEXAS can clean almost anything! We are proud of our reputation we have earned over the years which proves that with ECOLUXE TEXAS you can always count on friendly service and amazing results that keep your property clean and shining like new!

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