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Your residential concrete surfaces may include a drive-way, patio, sidewalk, or similar areas. Aside from being made of concrete, these surfaces all share a key similarity: they see a high volume of foot and vehicle traffic over the course of an average day. This puts them through a lot of wear-and-tear. This also includes any pavers or stone you may have.

That’s why you need to keep them clean. Cleaning these surfaces on a regular basis is key to ensuring they remain in the best possible condition for as long as possible. Luckily, we at ECOLUXE TEXAS serving customers and ready and eager to handle this task.


The Importance of Keeping Concrete Surfaces Clean

Concrete surfaces can often account for a large area of a residential property. This means they play an important role in the first impression people get when they visit your home. For example, if your walkway is dirty, damaged, and generally unattractive,  guests might immediately assume you don't care. There’s a good chance if you are selling your property, potential buyers may pass your home up as a result.

Dirty concrete surfaces can also lead to safety hazards. This is due to the way algae and other common materials and organisms react to water. If you haven’t cleared algae from your parking lot, it could become slippery during and after periods of rain. That puts your loved ones and guests, and anyone else on your property at risk of slip and fall accidents. If someone were to be injured on your property, you’d likely be financially liable.

That doesn’t need to happen. Enlist the help of our team at ECOLUXE TEXAS to ensure your concrete surfaces remain clean and safe for years. We can help your business by offering:


Oil Stain Removal

They look bad and they degrade the surface of your sidewalks and concrete areas, making them a potential slip hazard. Our pressure washing team will completely remove them so you don't have to worry!


Garbage Mark Removal



Garbage sitting on concrete surfaces can lead to staining and discolorations. Our concrete cleaning experts know how to completely remove these marks and make your concrete bright and clean!


Gum Removal

Discarded chewing gum is a sticky eyesore! We can expertly remove all the black chewing gum however a shadow may be left due to the oil in the gum leaves an embedded stain in the concrete.




To get started request a free estimate today!

We Clean Just About Anything!

From exterior building pressure washing to sidewalk pressure washing and even high-rise window cleaning, the pressure washing professionals at ECOLUXE TEXAS can clean almost anything! We use electric power washers with adjustable cleaning power. We are proud of our reputation we have earned over the years which proves that with ECOLUXE TEXAS you can always count on friendly service and amazing results that keep your property clean and shining like new!

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